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There's; world jumping magic, dragons, ruthless invaders, epic battles, unlikely heroes, bravery and sacrifice! And yes it does have wizards, both good and very bad. Romance? Yes even a little of that too! What more do you want in a fantasy adventure story? A disparate band: fussy spinster, Ida Fairweather; crusty old soldier, Endor Caffri; dishonest manservant, Moleskin; King's guard, Lineth, and Last of the Trollid, Bort, engage in a desperate struggle against the Harrowen invaders. 

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"The Last Trollid: The Sunset of Magic Book 1 by Alistair Potter throws you into a world of magic and dragons and all the battles, heroes and villains that can include. Moreover, what would any world of dragons and heroes be without wizards as well! Jump into a world that happily offers you a little bit of everything you could want in a grand, sweeping adventure story fit for a king.

From the moment I began reading this book, I knew I was in for a treat. The very first character that you meet is Wizard Dusswen and he caught my attention from the start. The first thing you will notice in the pages of this book is how rich and vivid a tapestry is going to be woven for you. Passages such as “Like parchment laid on glowing coals, the surface of the stone blackened and cracked, peeling back to expose smooth, white marble, and as the concealment fell away...” literally draw out the images before your eyes as you travel within this world. I don't want to give too much away. This is a beautiful and complex story with characters so rich that you will find yourself wishing that you could have a conversation with these characters, good or bad. I was honestly very sad when I reached the end of this story and its sweeping scenery, battles and love. The good news is - it's only the first book in the series! I can't wait to settle in and enjoy another chunk of time with the entire cast of this beautiful fantasy work." - Kathryn Bennett for Readers’ Favorite

The Last Trollid by Alistair Potter is the first in The Sunset of Magic series; the book falls into the combined genres of fantasy, action, adventure, and romance. This is a story that takes place on numerous worlds, has aliens like the Harrowen, and magic wielding alien wizards like Dusswen. The book begins with Dusswen, a Harrowen wizard, escaping his home world of Mirt to rebuild the world gate to allow the invasion of Nephus to begin. Ida Fairweather and her ward Bort (the last Trollid) only joined the Silvermeadow militia as cook and assistant, and yet they too will be called upon to defend against the Harrowen invasion. Will one cook and her gentle giant of a ward be enough to turn the tide?

I personally enjoyed reading about the world that Alistair Potter created in The Last Trollid. I enjoyed the adventures, the well-developed characters, and the creatures that he created within the book. My favorite aspect of the story, however, would have to be the female characters. Alistair Potter did a spectacular job of creating strong female characters with unique personalities. I found Ida to be my favorite character; I just liked the way that she had a gentle personality with a center of strength underneath all of her gentleness. Alistair Potter added a nice bit of romance to The Last Trollid, but he did it in such a way that the romance became a part of the story without overwhelming it or taking over the plot. I liked how none of the romance was love at first sight, but instead it was built upon a solid foundation which gave it a realistic feel. Overall, I really enjoyed reading The Last Trollid by Alistair Potter and I look forward to book two in this series! - Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite

This is a strong fantasy book with almost anything you could want. Epic battles, magical creatures, the last of ones kind, strong female characters, and even a little romance thrown in. The world the author paints is graphically written and it was easy to picture in my head. He did have a note in the end that some of the devices in the book came from old inventions and old ideas and when I got to the end and read that, it was interesting to see how he spun them in this novel.


I'm drawn to strong, female characters in books and this one didn't disappoint. There's Lineth, a female warrior and I flat out loved Ida, the spinster who tags along to cook, but proves herself to be kind of a gentle badass at the end who does what she has to. I was screaming for her and Endor to confess their feelings because there was a lot of tension there." -  J.B. Trepagnier - Amazon / Goodreads

"I had the privilege of reviewing The Box of Tricks by Alistair Potter some time ago, and, having found it an excellent book, was encouraged to take up The Last Trollid, and to my delight found it equally as good, if very different. Whereas The Box of Tricks was straightforward science fiction, The Last Trollid is straightforward fantasy. The pace is a little less frenetic, but it is lucid, full of interesting plot twists, and peopled with well-drawn, rounded characters set in an intricately imagined landscape.


A fine example of the genre. I am pleased to note that there are more books in this particular series. Although I am not normally drawn to fantasy novels as such, I have become very fond of the planet Nephus and this set of rather interesting characters, so I will certainly make a point of reading the others. The Last Trollid is a cracking read and highly recommended." - Charles Remington for Readers’ Favorite

"Through a magical portal an alien army arrives on a peaceful, pastoral planet. The inhabitants, ill prepared and equipped with the most basic of weapons struggle to prevail against a seemingly invincible foe. Baron Endor Caffri is rescued from the field of battle by his cook, her assistant and a surviving soldier, and together they embark on an astonishing journey to find a fantastic hidden city in which they discover the means to defeat the dread invaders. Gripping stuff, well written with a cast of likeable (but also some evil despicable ones) characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it - excellent science fiction / fantasy, top marks." - Charles Remington on Amazon

"The Last Trollid by Alistair Potter is a spellbinding opening to The Sunset of Magic series, a fine blend of sci-fi and fantasy that features magic, battles, unusual creatures, and a quest. The planet Nephus, inhabited by agricultural and simple folk, is being invaded by reptilian aliens, thanks to the insidious magic of an old and cunning wizard. What can a people bereft of arms and the skills required for battle do? They become creative, they improvise, and fight! But the battles to save their planet are just a prelude to a more exhilarating adventure that will take the survivors on a quest to discover a hidden city and a legendary library. But could these provide the key to saving their planet?

Alistair Potter has created great entertainment in The Last Trollid with well-sculpted and solid characters like Peter Stamp, Ida, Bort, and a host of others. Nephus is an imaginary planet that is well-thought out and it is fantastic to escape to this astounding setting. The plot is excellent, fast-paced, and revealing of the author’s great imagination. There are many twists and surprises in this story, and just when the reader feels that the story is reaching its climax, the author introduces a new element to the intricate plot. There is a lot of action in this plot and the author struck a wonderful balance between the excellent use of descriptive prose, intelligent dialogue, and the awesome narrative. Apart from the intense action that permeates the entire story, the author has a gift for humor as well and readers will undoubtedly be hugely entertained throughout this tale." - Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

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