Maybe it's just me, but on my planes these little holes seem to get very loose after a bit – if not completely destroyed! Sometimes holes can be shifted, but other times they’re pretty–much where they need to be; e.g. wing elastics.

Hole repair - image1

I doubt this is an original idea, but this is how I fix those wobbly holes.

Hole repair - image2

Get hold of some kitchen foil, a skewer and your trusty hot–glue gun.

Hole repair - image3

Tear off a little strip of kitchen foil.

Hole repair - image4

Wrap the foil tightly around the skewer – choose a skewer that’s the same diameter as the one in use, or even a tiny bit smaller.

Hole repair - image5

Not too many wraps or you’ll end up with a larger hole than the one you want.

Hole repair - image6

Carefully push the skewer through the offending hole making sure the foil is not mangled or wrinkled.

Hole repair - image7

Make sure the skewer is lined up with where the hole should be. Apologies for fuzzy pictures – but you get the idea.

Hole repair - image8

Apply hot glue into the space around the hole on both sides – and keep that skewer properly aligned until the glue sets.

Hole repair - image9

Pull the skewer out – leaving the foil behind.

Hole repair - image10

Cut away the foil and any excess glue that offends you – I reckon a little extra glue helps to strengthen the hole.

Hole repair - image11

Give the hole a little poke to remove any foil that wants to come out and you should now have a neat circular hole – the right size, and in the right place, and it’s probably stronger than the original.

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