Old Fogey biplane - image1

When I saw an article on the Flite Test website on the brilliant steampunk biplane, the Anvil by kactiguy, it got me thinking about biplanes. I wondered about building something just as quirky and here it is, the Old Fogey biplane.

We do it because we can :)

Not quite a sesquiplane (bottom wing area needs to be less than 50% of original) but still quite pretty – in an ugly Old Fogey kind of way. Here's some flight video;

Old Fogey biplane - image2

Fuselage base re–profiled to follow the wing cut–outs.

Old Fogey biplane - image3

Waste–not, want–not. I used the 'wing profile' pieces I cut from the fuselage sides to reinforce the new bottom wing.

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